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Episode 56: Exploring Regenerative Farming…does it pay?

Episode 56: Exploring Regenerative Farming…does it pay?

August 15, 2020

To succeed in farming, now more than ever, we need to be open to new, innovative and even alternative approaches to farming practices.

We are all exposed to declining terms of trade. We are all exposed to the vagaries of the market and the environment.

With this in mind, I am delighted to interview Charlie Arnott, and discuss his journey in regenerative agriculture.

Misunderstood by a few; criticised by some; dismissed as unviable by many; regenerative farming is a topical discussion point AND at the same time an IMPORTANT conversation.

In this podcast, David Westbrook (FOA Business Coach) & I explore Charlie’s journey from conventional farmer to regenerative farming pioneer. We learn of his beliefs around this topic, his reasons for making the change, the challenges he has faced and the benefits he sees after making this transition on his family farm over a 15-year period.

Charlie reflects deeply on his role in farming, every decision is undertaken with a genuine depth of consideration to the bigger picture, his family, and the environment.

Irrespective of your views on this topic, I believe Charlie is to be commended for his courage, determination, conviction and the pioneering spirit with which he has pursued an alternative path for his farm.

Wherever you sit on this subject, I feel we all have something to learn from open-minded and progressive pioneers challenging conventional practices in the way Charlie Arnott is doing.

I welcome you to share your views on this podcast within our Profitable Farmer Facebook Group.

Thank you and enjoy!

Kind Regards,


Episode 55 - Mindfulness and it’s Place in Business Leadership

Episode 55 - Mindfulness and it’s Place in Business Leadership

July 30, 2020

I used to think being a leader meant that I had to know it all, have all the answers, control every decision, and work the hardest. I used to think leadership was an ‘intellectual game’ and mindfulness had no place in business… or leadership… or success in most things for that matter.

I certainly didn’t make any time for it…how wrong I was!  

On my journey in business and leadership, I now understand that our mental health and strength is of the utmost importance. I appreciate that removing the busyness, being able to truly focus, quietening the mind and looking after my mental wellbeing and mindset is fundamental to being a composed, confident and successful leader.

In this podcast, I interview FOA Business Coach and founder of the Soul Pleaser Program, Tracy Secombe who is an irrefutable authority on this topic. I am also joined by FOA Platinum Mastermind Member and founder of The Abundant Farmer, Hayley Grosser who is an equally capable mentor and educator in this space. Together, we discuss the importance of MINDFULNESS in farming and business leadership.

To explore the topic of ‘mindfulness’ further, Tracy Secombe is launching a 7 Day Calmness Code Challenge on Wednesday 13th August 2020.

This program is designed to give us all a head start in becoming mindful, and to help busy people feel calmer - to worry, stress and overthink less in their roles and in their lives.

Tracy and her programs are highly recommended amongst the FOA community. For more information, and to register for Tracy’s 7 Day Calmness Code Challenge, please click here.

For now, enjoy exploring the benefits of a more conscious approach to business and leadership, and all things mindfulness.

Kind Regards,


Episode 54: Pushing Yourself - The Mindset of the Elite with Ricky Dumigan

Episode 54: Pushing Yourself - The Mindset of the Elite with Ricky Dumigan

July 15, 2020

We all have 2 or 3 people who truly inspire us, for me Ricky Dumigan is one of those people.

An incredibly disciplined, dedicated, and resilient high-performance specialist; Ricky has trained elite military teams, the highest echelons of rugby and sport and some of the most significant executive leadership teams in our country.

He is passionate about what it takes to nurture and create true cohesion and alignment within elite teams, and he has a wonderful ability to condense that down into bite-size chunks for people to learn from and use.

Equally, he has achieved some amazing life challenges, including running Kokoda, kayaking Sydney to Brisbane, running marathons and extensive remote leadership retreats.

In all of his accomplishments, Ricky has established a determination and mindset that supports incredible achievement for himself as a human.

It is with real pleasure that I introduce a very good friend of mine to you, where we chat about what it takes to be at your best and lead great teams.


Kind Regards,


Episode 53 - Value-based Investing and the Stock Market’s Recovery Post Covid-19 with Terry Tran

Episode 53 - Value-based Investing and the Stock Market’s Recovery Post Covid-19 with Terry Tran

June 30, 2020

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on so many small business owners, big businesses, and economies across the globe. It has been fascinating to watch the markets over the past 4 months as this pandemic unfolds.

In this podcast, I am delighted to welcome back our investment specialist, Terry Tran, founder of Freedom Trader. We discuss what has happened, how it’s impacted the stock market and his prediction for our recovery in the short and long-term.

Terry provides us with a valuable insight on what do, where to look and how to make the most of opportunities for value-based investing in and around Australia and the global markets recovery.

Terry’s an authority on value-based investing, mentoring hundreds of family businesses across Australia helping them truly diversify their interests and generate wealth off-farm. We hope Terry’s insights in this podcast help you navigate the Covid-19 recovery.

If you would like to see for yourself what The Freedom Trader program is all about, Terry is hosting a live training on Tuesday 14th July and it’s completely FREE for our valued podcast listeners! You need to register ASAP (as space is limited) by clicking here:  How to Create REAL Wealth Outside Your Farm SAFELY




BONUS Episode 52: Money Mastery and How Understanding Your Finances Can Set You Up For Life

BONUS Episode 52: Money Mastery and How Understanding Your Finances Can Set You Up For Life

June 19, 2020

In a special edition interview with Farm Owners Academy Co-Founder, Andrew Roberts, we explore the topic of MONEY in detail.

So many of us have inherited negative mindsets and beliefs around money that are limiting and holding us back.

Many of us don’t fully understand what money really is, and as a result, have a certain disrespect towards earning it, creating wealth, and achieving freedom.

This is such an important topic, but so often NOT talked about.

Andrew shares his experience of ‘getting it wrong’ in his younger years, then committing to learning the essential skills and disciplines needed to creating wealth long-term.

Andrew also shares what you need to focus on to achieve base-level financial mastery, and introduces FOA’s Farm Financial Framework, and how to be part of this first-class training that launches on Friday 3rd July (limited spaces remaining). 

You can learn more by clicking here.



Episode 51 - All Things Fine Wool and Great Business

Episode 51 - All Things Fine Wool and Great Business

June 12, 2020

Wool prices have been adversely affected in recent months by the Covid-19 pandemic, no doubt with the potential to severely impact wool producers in the short-term.

In this interview, I speak with leading fine wool producer Cameron England, owner of Lyndall Park near Kingston, SE South Australia.

Cameron and his incredible family have been members of the Farm Owners Academy Platinum Mastermind Program (an exclusive farm-business masterclass) for the past three years. During that time, they have invested heavily in their own development, embraced their learning, and have established themselves, not only as leading members of our growing community, but also within Australia’s elite farming community.

Their inter-generational story speaks for itself, and the benchmark performance results they are achieving, both production and financial, are a credit to Cameron and Katie, and their farm business team.

Importantly, Cameron and Katie prioritise family and freedom. Their focus is on building a legacy for future generations whilst establishing the time, team, systems, and financial freedom to be able to cherish the journey with them. They are intent on building a highly profitable farm business that works for them, not the other way around.

Lyndall Park is a shining example of how good business, strong strategy, great planning and real focus on key numbers can see you profit and thrive even in times of very real industry uncertainty.

To find out more about the Farm Financial Framework please click here.

A cracking story from a wonderful family.


Kind Regards

Episode 50: Advancing the Australian Sheep-Meat Sector – A Conversation with Tom Bull

Episode 50: Advancing the Australian Sheep-Meat Sector – A Conversation with Tom Bull

May 30, 2020

There is no doubt a ground-swell of real confidence across our industry is increasing…about bloody time!

Much of this, I believe, is the result of real optimism and a positive outlook for the red meat sectors.

In this podcast I interview Tom Bull, founder of Lambpro. Based at Kinross Station in Holbrook NSW, Tom and his family are great friends to Jane & I, dating back to intense games of touch footy on the beach over summer holidays at the coast as kids.

The Lambpro story is significant and compelling, beginning 35 years ago when Tom was just eight.

A self-starter, big-thinker, compelling leader, and outstanding businessman…Tom and Lambpro's contribution to sheep-meat advancement and the Australian Lamb Industry is significant and inspiring.

With over 2,500 premium ram sales annually (with the goal to reach 3,000 this year), and 900,000 lambs to be born this year across his national sheep-meat producing client base, the Lambpro business continues to break new ground and lead the industry with and for its clients.

Tom and I explore his outlook for emerging trends for the sheep- meat sector and discuss the following:

  • the prominent genetic and on-farm advances leading to greater producer profitability,
  • the global consumption trends for lamb,
  • the importance of a new focus on lamb branding,
  • Tom's predictions as to where we need to focus as a sheep-meat sector, AND
  • how Lambpro is innovating to deliver on-scale, premium, and highly marbled lamb products to affluent consumers globally.

A cracking story of genuine Australian entrepreneurship.


Kind Regards

Episode 49: Covid-19 and the Property Market

Episode 49: Covid-19 and the Property Market

May 15, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our communities and our economy in ways we have never experienced before. All experts agree, we are in largely un-chartered waters… in comparison to the GFC, the recession, wars and even the depression.

Only time will determine the extent of this global crisis, and how quickly Australia can bounce back and recover compared to other nations within our global economy.

In this podcast, Greg Johnsson and I speak with Peter Koulizos – a renowned property market analyst, researcher, investor, developer, author, academic and educator.

As a property expert and active participant, Peter explores:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on residential, commercial and property development markets – supply and demand predictions at this time,
  • how it is affecting the various categories of individual investors,
  • his take on the flow-on effect this will have within the property sector and beyond,
  • the harsh reality of what these outcomes will mean for the broader economy,
  • the importance of a prompt and proactive return to recovery, and
  • for active investors - what to do right now and what to look out for.

The Australian property market and its recovery is pivotal to our local and national economies. Peter’s perspective on how it will navigate Covid-19 is outstanding and immensely informative.


Kind regards


Episode 48: Financially Literate or Flying Blind…Which One Are You?

Episode 48: Financially Literate or Flying Blind…Which One Are You?

April 30, 2020

I was chatting to a farmer the other day, who in conversation made 3 bold and cocky statements… saying them as if he had some badge of honour:

“I don’t have time for office work”,

“I have no interest in the numbers… I leave that to the missus”, and

“It’s all another language to me… I leave it to the pen-pushers”.

At the same time, he was commenting about how chaotic their life was… and how he… “makes decisions based on instinct & gut-feel rather than on analysis & ‘number-crunching…’”.

I didn’t say it… perhaps I should have… but all I was thinking was “what a bloody peanut”.

If you are serious about business and dedicated to being the absolute best farm owner you can be, then being financially illiterate is a sure way to NEVER get there.




CEO’s of ALL successful companies study financial management constantly. Intense analysis, feasibility studies, financial performance monitoring, decision-modelling, forecasting and benchmarking is one of the largest and most important activities they do.

Successful farm owners are across their numbers AND dedicate time in the office to analysing their performance AND making numbers-based performance decisions.

Like it or not, and as Greg points out, "the language of business is finance".

In this important podcast, I interview Farm Owners Academy co-founder, long-time financial analyst and farm financial specialist, Greg Johnsson. We explore the critical reports you have to establish then proactively monitor, AND we explore the core ratios you must measure and benchmark in order to be in control and making meaningful, measured and robust decisions on your farm.

In this webinar, I do not apologise for making an unashamed plug for our new financial literacy training program being launched right now by Farm Owners Academy. It is called the Farm Financial Framework and it commences on 3rd July as a live online in-depth training initiative.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

If you are serious about profit and creating wealth and, then this is an essential training program I urge you to prioritise.

It’s time to get serious!


Episode 47: The Covid-19 Impact on Agriculture and Finance Sectors

Episode 47: The Covid-19 Impact on Agriculture and Finance Sectors

March 31, 2020

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, like no other in recent history. Crazy, in many ways... following prolonged drought and recent fire events.

It is our view that we will navigate this well as a nation. We will handle this strongly as an industry. We are resilient and fortunate at this time to be farmers. Please be sure to look out for those around us more adversely affected.

In this Podcast, I interview Managing Partner & Financing Specialist, David Charge from Sprout Agribusiness.

David and his team are Commercial Financing Specialists to Australian Agribusiness, supporting farming families across Australia. David is measured and pragmatic, and his advice and assessment of this current crisis is both thoughtful and thorough. He offers us some strong support and guidance as farmers at this time.

In this interview, David & I explore:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on Agriculture,
  • How to best navigate this crisis as a farming business,
  • State and federal assistance / concessions now available to you,
  • How the financing sector is responding,
  • The challenges our local bank managers face (post royal commission),
  • How to proactively engage with your lender,
  • The role and benefit of an independent finance specialist in your business,
  • How to make the most of the current low interest rate climate, AND
  • How to take greater responsibility for your financial situation and your long-term financial success.

My learnings from this discussion with David is to stay focused, plan proactively, build your financial management skillset, and make the most of financing and other opportunities that now exist.

Another great interview with another emerging leader in our industry.

Once again, enjoy!


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