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Episode 50: Advancing the Australian Sheep-Meat Sector – A Conversation with Tom Bull

Episode 50: Advancing the Australian Sheep-Meat Sector – A Conversation with Tom Bull

May 30, 2020

There is no doubt a ground-swell of real confidence across our industry is increasing…about bloody time!

Much of this, I believe, is the result of real optimism and a positive outlook for the red meat sectors.

In this podcast I interview Tom Bull, founder of Lambpro. Based at Kinross Station in Holbrook NSW, Tom and his family are great friends to Jane & I, dating back to intense games of touch footy on the beach over summer holidays at the coast as kids.

The Lambpro story is significant and compelling, beginning 35 years ago when Tom was just eight.

A self-starter, big-thinker, compelling leader, and outstanding businessman…Tom and Lambpro's contribution to sheep-meat advancement and the Australian Lamb Industry is significant and inspiring.

With over 2,500 premium ram sales annually (with the goal to reach 3,000 this year), and 900,000 lambs to be born this year across his national sheep-meat producing client base, the Lambpro business continues to break new ground and lead the industry with and for its clients.

Tom and I explore his outlook for emerging trends for the sheep- meat sector and discuss the following:

  • the prominent genetic and on-farm advances leading to greater producer profitability,
  • the global consumption trends for lamb,
  • the importance of a new focus on lamb branding,
  • Tom's predictions as to where we need to focus as a sheep-meat sector, AND
  • how Lambpro is innovating to deliver on-scale, premium, and highly marbled lamb products to affluent consumers globally.

A cracking story of genuine Australian entrepreneurship.


Kind Regards

Episode 49: Covid-19 and the Property Market

Episode 49: Covid-19 and the Property Market

May 15, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our communities and our economy in ways we have never experienced before. All experts agree, we are in largely un-chartered waters… in comparison to the GFC, the recession, wars and even the depression.

Only time will determine the extent of this global crisis, and how quickly Australia can bounce back and recover compared to other nations within our global economy.

In this podcast, Greg Johnsson and I speak with Peter Koulizos – a renowned property market analyst, researcher, investor, developer, author, academic and educator.

As a property expert and active participant, Peter explores:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on residential, commercial and property development markets – supply and demand predictions at this time,
  • how it is affecting the various categories of individual investors,
  • his take on the flow-on effect this will have within the property sector and beyond,
  • the harsh reality of what these outcomes will mean for the broader economy,
  • the importance of a prompt and proactive return to recovery, and
  • for active investors - what to do right now and what to look out for.

The Australian property market and its recovery is pivotal to our local and national economies. Peter’s perspective on how it will navigate Covid-19 is outstanding and immensely informative.


Kind regards


Episode 48: Financially Literate or Flying Blind…Which One Are You?

Episode 48: Financially Literate or Flying Blind…Which One Are You?

April 30, 2020

I was chatting to a farmer the other day, who in conversation made 3 bold and cocky statements… saying them as if he had some badge of honour:

“I don’t have time for office work”,

“I have no interest in the numbers… I leave that to the missus”, and

“It’s all another language to me… I leave it to the pen-pushers”.

At the same time, he was commenting about how chaotic their life was… and how he… “makes decisions based on instinct & gut-feel rather than on analysis & ‘number-crunching…’”.

I didn’t say it… perhaps I should have… but all I was thinking was “what a bloody peanut”.

If you are serious about business and dedicated to being the absolute best farm owner you can be, then being financially illiterate is a sure way to NEVER get there.




CEO’s of ALL successful companies study financial management constantly. Intense analysis, feasibility studies, financial performance monitoring, decision-modelling, forecasting and benchmarking is one of the largest and most important activities they do.

Successful farm owners are across their numbers AND dedicate time in the office to analysing their performance AND making numbers-based performance decisions.

Like it or not, and as Greg points out, "the language of business is finance".

In this important podcast, I interview Farm Owners Academy co-founder, long-time financial analyst and farm financial specialist, Greg Johnsson. We explore the critical reports you have to establish then proactively monitor, AND we explore the core ratios you must measure and benchmark in order to be in control and making meaningful, measured and robust decisions on your farm.

In this webinar, I do not apologise for making an unashamed plug for our new financial literacy training program being launched right now by Farm Owners Academy. It is called the Farm Financial Framework and it commences on 3rd July as a live online in-depth training initiative.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

If you are serious about profit and creating wealth and, then this is an essential training program I urge you to prioritise.

It’s time to get serious!


Episode 47: The Covid-19 Impact on Agriculture and Finance Sectors

Episode 47: The Covid-19 Impact on Agriculture and Finance Sectors

March 31, 2020

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, like no other in recent history. Crazy, in many ways... following prolonged drought and recent fire events.

It is our view that we will navigate this well as a nation. We will handle this strongly as an industry. We are resilient and fortunate at this time to be farmers. Please be sure to look out for those around us more adversely affected.

In this Podcast, I interview Managing Partner & Financing Specialist, David Charge from Sprout Agribusiness.

David and his team are Commercial Financing Specialists to Australian Agribusiness, supporting farming families across Australia. David is measured and pragmatic, and his advice and assessment of this current crisis is both thoughtful and thorough. He offers us some strong support and guidance as farmers at this time.

In this interview, David & I explore:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on Agriculture,
  • How to best navigate this crisis as a farming business,
  • State and federal assistance / concessions now available to you,
  • How the financing sector is responding,
  • The challenges our local bank managers face (post royal commission),
  • How to proactively engage with your lender,
  • The role and benefit of an independent finance specialist in your business,
  • How to make the most of the current low interest rate climate, AND
  • How to take greater responsibility for your financial situation and your long-term financial success.

My learnings from this discussion with David is to stay focused, plan proactively, build your financial management skillset, and make the most of financing and other opportunities that now exist.

Another great interview with another emerging leader in our industry.

Once again, enjoy!


SPECIAL EDITION - Covid-19: Dealing with FEAR and Anxiety.

SPECIAL EDITION - Covid-19: Dealing with FEAR and Anxiety.

March 27, 2020

Simply this is a MUST LISTEN TO Podcast.

Right now, FEAR and ANXIETY is at a peak, and very real for many / most of us.

Fever pitch even... and only amplified by media at this time.

How we manage our own mental state and deal with the emotions of fear and anxiety is so very important at this time - for us, for those around us and as a local and national community.

I interview our Head Coach and Mindset Specialist Tracy Secombe and we explore this important issue. Importantly Tracy shares with us:

- What fear is and how it turns up for us,

- How we experience anxiety, and

- How we can manage both of them and change our state of mind.

More deeply we explore how we can find gratitude, optimism and meaning at this time, and what tools we can use to remove fear and anxiety from our current reality.

The most important thing we can do right now is to be self-aware, manage our own energy, and ensure we turn up to our family and loved ones with perspective and strength.

As parents, sons & daughters and friends, now is our time to lead and love.

Tracy is simply incredible. Her message so very important at this time.

This one is important - for you and for those around you.

Stay safe, stay strong and enjoy!


Episode 46: Succession Series Part 2 - Building Trust Within Farming Families

Episode 46: Succession Series Part 2 - Building Trust Within Farming Families

March 12, 2020

Trust is critical to any high-performing team.  Equally, it is essential to effective family-farming businesses...

Do you have a strong basis of trust and mutual respect within your farm team?

Like a muscle, trust can be worked on and strengthened over time.

Most of us just don’t know how, or where, to start.

To expand further on the topic of farm succession, I once again speak with Tony Catt, Director of Catapult Wealth, and we explore:

  • why trust is essential to effective succession planning,
  • how trust is broken,
  • the 3 communication and trust ‘killers’,
  • how to build trust where it has previously been absent,
  • the important roles each of us play within the family to nurture a culture of trust and respect.

Tony suggests that sometimes our focus should temporarily move away from important succession conversations until a basis of trust is re-established.

We also explore the notion that all of this is just good, professional business practice. Again, we have so much to learn from businesses who achieve a strong and powerful culture of trust within their teams.

An open dialogue as a family around this sensitive topic is a great place to start.

Grab a cuppa, wrangle your family and enjoy!



Episode 45 - Making Farm Succession Work

Episode 45 - Making Farm Succession Work

February 29, 2020

Succession is a misunderstood and very challenging issue for many Australian farming families. Many of us have tried this and had a negative experience and therefore choose to lock it down, not discuss inter-generational transfer at all and get on with running the farm... rather than constructively planning for the future together.


In this podcast, we interview Managing Director of Catapult Wealth, Tony Catt.  Tony is an expert on farm succession and is passionate about helping farming families proactively develop a plan for their futures together.


Tune in as we explore:


  • Why this is so challenging for so many,
  • What farm succession really is,
  • Through good business practice and 'governance' we can make succession more successful for families,
  • The 4 clear, written plans we really need to make this truly effective in practice,
  • Why the younger generation might need to be respectful and patient in the process,
  • How to include family members and bring them along for the ride,
  • How frequently to be discussing this and refining your plan, AND
  • How to get started.


At Farm Owners Academy, we recommend Tony and Catapult Wealth…we believe that proactive business planning can complement and form the basis for stronger succession planning and more meaningful intergenerational transitions for all.


Enjoy this interview... ideally over a cup of tea, and as a family. We hope this enables you to reflect on where you are at on this journey, agree how to move forward together, and also, who you need around you to give yourselves every chance of success.


The key is to come together and get started!


I look forward to hearing your family’s success stories in all thing’s succession.

Kind Regards,


Episode 44 - How the fear of failure can destroy your dreams

Episode 44 - How the fear of failure can destroy your dreams

February 14, 2020

Implementation is the key to success!


In today’s podcast, I chat with Andrew and discuss the importance of realising, accepting and overcoming your fears in order reach your potential in all areas of your life. We explore the concept of fear and how this holds us back, especially the fear of failure in business.


Join us as we dive deeper into:

  • How perfectionism can hold you back - most people tend to procrastinate because of this, as they worry about making the wrong decision


  • How you can set up systems to help you make concise decisions, this requires thinking, which most people don’t like to do – most farmers prefer to DO rather than THINK!


  • Implementation is the key to success, not the decision making however this is still a very critical part.


  • Never allow a year, a quarter, a week or a day go by without planning it first - this is the KEY to succeeding - yet most people don’t do this.


  • Stop using excuses to set your goals later - do it NOW!


  • The power of 10-year, 3-year and 12-month goals, quarterly rocks, weekly & daily goals – If you make time to write these down, you will become unstoppable.


  • How taking control of your business and developing systems will help you make more profit and allow your team to become more focused and efficient.


  • If you don’t set goals, your team is winging it which will cost you lots of money, for little return.



Your greatest life is on the other side of fear! We hope you enjoy this podcast and identify the fears which might be holding you back.


To find out more about our Take Control Program, please click here... take advantage now before the price increase!




Episode 43 - From Refugee to Riches

Episode 43 - From Refugee to Riches

January 31, 2020

Time to diversify...


Creating balance sheet wealth long-term must be our primary focus, even when challenged in the here-and-now. Success in anything starts with KNOWLEDGE. It is with this in mind that I interview Terry Tran, CEO & Founder of The Freedom Trader.


Terry Tran is a good (and perhaps unlikely) friend to Farm Owners Academy and the Profitable Farmer podcast. We recommend his investing program - The Freedom Trader - and know many of our clients continue to get great training and real results from his mentoring and methodology.


In this podcast, Terry shares his story with us, his passion to help people create wealth through direct share investing, his investment philosophy and his view on why farming families make such good investors. We uncover some very real myths about the share market and explore how to create wealth through a strong analysis and risk-aware investment strategy.


I encourage each of you to listen to this and consider, even in times of dry seasons and tight cashflows, whether now is a good time to be learning HOW to strengthen your wealth creation capacity through robust and measured share investing.


If you’d like to see for yourself what Terry’s ‘Freedom Trader’ program is all about, he is hosting a live training on Tuesday 18th February and its completely FREE for all our podcast listeners! You can register by clicking here: How to Create Real Wealth Outside Your Farm SAFELY but do it now as space is limited!



Jeremy Hutchings

Episode 42 - Responding strongly in times of real adversity

Episode 42 - Responding strongly in times of real adversity

January 15, 2020

2020 has arrived to us in a way that no one wished for or expected. Adverse and extreme fires threaten farming families and rural communities across Australia.

To those of you directly affected, our thoughts and prayers are with you. To our clients, please know you have our support and that of the FOA Community.

In this important podcast we interview remarkable clients Troy & Nette Fischer, 'Ashmore', Wasleys, South Australia.

On the 25th November 2015, Troy & Nette lost everything except their family home and 600 trade lambs in the Pinery fires of South Australia. Their entire farm, including their white suffolk stud and all farm infrastructure burned completely.

Their story and recovery effort is remarkable. How they have responded and the results they have achieved in the 12 months, 2 years and now 4 years since that event is nothing short of incredible.

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing. As they reflect on their personal experience, Troy and Nette share some wonderful tips and very thoughtful insights on how to navigate these intensely tough times, as well as how to best support those directly affected.

To those of you who are affected directly at this time, I hope by sharing Troy & Nette's story, they can serve as inspiration and encouragement to you. We hope this interview can help you in some small way to navigate the hardship you feel and the road to recovery ahead.

To those exploring how best to support loved ones, friends and family directly affected - now and ongoing - Troy and Nette share some very real and meaningful actions you can take that can truly make a difference and add value to those in need.

Thank you Troy & Nette - I am grateful for your willingness to help others by sharing your story.

This is the time when communities rally and remarkable growth and recovery can happen... as it did for the Fischer Family.